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There was a girl in High School that I used to avoid. Long story short, she didn't get appointed as a class officer and wanted to know why. Talk about an awkward conversation! So my whole game plan was to appear busy and avoid her at all costs. And boy, did it take up a lot of energy. I remember changing routes through the school just so I we didn't have to talk. I felt so mean, but at the time, the fear of the confrontation really controlled me. 


Ironically life is often like this. There is something we fear doing, so instead of doing it, we waste lots of time and energy avoiding it. 


One of my favorite things to do as a coach is to help people see how they're avoiding pain. It can show up in literally any behavior because it's not WHAT we do, it's WHY we do it that effects our results. 


If you really want to uplevel your life, stop making fear the girl you want to avoid. Instead, make fear your best friend. Instead of avoiding that pain, confront it. Like my highschool experience, the pain of the situation was mostly in my head. And most likely that's the same with your situation. The only way to find out is to challenge it. Do what you're afraid of and see what happens. It will either be terrible or it won't be that bad. Either way, you lived through it and that's pretty much all that matters. 


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