Fake it.

A couple of months ago I was talking to a young man who was a very successful entrepreneur and he was explaining that he wanted to be a speaker, but he didn't know how to get that started. 


As I sat across the room from him I piped up and threw in my two cents. iStock 000023118125XSmall


"You just start telling people you're a speaker. That's what I did." And that's literally what I did.  One day I thought, "I want to speak to people. I have something to say that's important." So I just started to tell people I was a speaker. Everywhere I went when someone would ask what I did, I would simply respond by saying that I was a speaker. 


Looking back, it wasn't just telling people I was a speaker that was the important thing. As I would tell people I was a speaker, my mind became more conscious and aware of all things that had to do with speaking. I started to listen and learn how to be a good speaker from other good speakers. I was lead to mentors who helped me refine my own speaking style and hone into what my signature system is. 


There is a powerful principle to be learned here. When we use affirmations in our lives, they work best when we describe them as if they already were happening to us. Instead of saying, "Someday, I will be a great speaker," we would say "I am an inspiring and entertaining speaker." When we speak, act and live as if that thing we want is already part of us, we can't help but attract opportunities to become that into our lives. 


That's why I say fake it. If you want something bad enough in your life, fake it. Now, by "fake it" I don't mean to be dishonest and misleading. What I do mean, is that if you want something, start acting today as if that thing were already part of your life. Believe and have faith that you have everything you need right now. Trust that it will work out. Make room for it. Seek out opportunities to grow and learn. DO IT! If you're a speaker, ask for opportunities to speak. And don't even wait to be asked. If there is ever an opening to speak, even for 30 seconds, take it! Speak! Honor what you want to have or be by creating a space for it to be planted and it will grow in you.


What do you want to be/do/see/experience/have? Ask yourself, "What would I need to do in order to make this a reality, and start doing it. Action is where the magic happens. So get moving.  





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