The Most Difficult Question for People to Answer

A huge part of my business is talking with people. That’s how I get to know them, their challenges, their dreams, and it’s ultimately how I build my business. I love to ask questions and I love observing what questions are quick to answer and which ones take more time. Far and away, the most difficult question for people to answer is “What do you want? And along with that, “what does that look like.”ID-100161905


What do you want? Is the easier of the two, and people usually spout off a general answer. “I want more money.” “I want better relationships,” or “I want more time to do the things I want to do.” But when you ask the second question, what does that look like, it’s like you’ve thrown them a surprise curve ball.


How difficult the question is to answer has a lot to do with how close to the surface their dream or their vision is. For example, I will occasionally come across someone who has buried their dream so deep with excuses and fear, that sometimes it seems impossible to access. The excuses are so comfortable, so they stay where it’s safe.


And then there are those who have dared to dream. Even though what they want may not be a reality, they have faith enough in what they want, that they begin on the path towards it, even if they can only see a few steps in front of them at a time. Their commitment to the goal is what pushes them forward, even through opposition.


No matter where you’re at with your dreams, the important thing is that you are on the path to living your best life. Most of us could be living better lives. We could be having better relationship, more money, improved health, deeper joy, increased love, and a profound sense of fulfillment. But often time something stops us short of what it is we want most.


The step for you to take today is to ask yourself, what do I want? If I could design my life so that it brought me the most happiness, fulfillment and joy, what would it look like? What would I be doing? How would I feel about myself in that instance? What would I believe about myself? We are master creators. Creation starts with a vision. Even if that vision is only a few steps forward, have the courage to go as far as you can, and trust that the next steps will reveal themselves when the time is right.

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