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mb12bStay at Home Moms Returning to Work

Whether you’ve been home with kids for the last 20 years, or just a few months, going back to work can be challenging. You might have mixed feelings about the process, and you’ll certainly encounter some difficulties along the way. Here’s some advice to ease your transition from a stay-at-home mom to a working mom.

Get Everyone on Board

Especially if you’ve been out of the workforce for a long time, your family might have expectations about what your role will be after you start working. Those expectations might be realistic, and they might not. Here’s some tips to get everyone on board:

1) Hold a family meeting.

Outline your schedule and let everyone know how things may change.

2) Explain why this change is good.

Your family will have more money, you’ll be more fulfilled... whatever your reasons for returning to work, focus on the positive and let everyone know how your new job will benefit them.

3) Expect collaboration.

If the kids are already doing chores, great! If not, now’s a great time to introduce the idea of family responsibility. Create a chore chart. Family collaboration is an expectation... not an option.

4) Get support from extended family and friends.

It’s great to have support from others outside your immediate family. Talk to your siblings, parents and friends about the new adventure you’re about to undertake and get their support.

Get Organized

mb13Working outside the home means less time to complete tasks like cleaning, laundry and shopping. Get organized in advance, and get some help.

1) Find quality daycare.

You’ll be better able to focus on your new career if you’re confident that your little ones are being cared for. Take time to interview caregivers until you find one you love.

2) Set up routines.

Everyone should have their backpacks ready the night before. Set breakfast for the same time every day. Have a schedule for getting kids to school or daycare. A set routine will make everything go much smoother.

mb153) Create a family calendar.

When you were at home, you may have kept your own calendar. Now, everyone should be aware of the goings on of the whole family. Post the calendar in the kitchen or family room where everyone can see it and add to it.

4) Hire help.

Hiring a mother’s helper to clean your home, help prepare dinner or help kids with homework after school can be a huge advantage if you can afford it. Look at your nearby university for a student that can help in the afternoon—their rates are usually very affordable.

Prepare Mentally and Emotionally

mb16You’ll undoubtedly feel mixed emotions about going back to work. Spend some “me” time working out those feelings—before you start your new job.

1) Think about the reasons you’re returning.

Write them down in a journal, so you can refer to them when you’re feeling overwhelmed.

2) Create some goals for your career.

Your new job gives you the opportunity to develop and grow professionally. Talk to your boss and outline some goals that you can work toward.

3) Commit to giving your career your all.

It’s easy to be distracted by kids and family while at work. Commit now to focusing on your job while you’re there. If you’re organized at home, you should be able to accomplish that most days.

4) Ditch the guilt.

If you’re feeling guilty, stop. As a working mom, you’re setting a great example for your kids. And as a career woman, you’ll find that you’re fulfilled and happy when you create your own success.


Stay at Home Moms Returning to Work